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Reblog if you’ve been offended by the words of your own parents.








I want to know if I’m the only one.

fucking shit


sooooo many times.

The amount of notes makes me sad

Wow the number makes me sad.

My parents watch and believe FOX News

I watch the Daily Show and get my news from about five or six different places.

You-Are-A-Very-Rare-Bird, Aren’t-You? 

For me, its not so much the things my parents, (particularly my mum) say, its the criticism and the zero open mindedness and judgemental attitude they have about everything they don’t understand or like, that really offends and pisses me off

You cannot get Loki inside a vehicle, without him falling asleep nearly as soon as it starts rolling. Tony, Clint and Natasha love to tease him about it, saying that a car is to him what a rocking chair is to an infant. Because of this narcoleptic habit, Loki tries very hard to avoid riding in vehicles as much as he can. 

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